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Discover Khewra Salt Mines in Khewra Pakistan The world s second largest salt or nearly half a mile into the mountain under which the salt deposits are found A mere stone s throw from Islamabad exists a spectacular display of three Aug 23 The city is situated about 200 kilometres 124 miles from Islamabad and 245 kilometres 152 miles from the city of Lahore Khewra Salt Min

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Khewra salt mine — a popular tourist spot Pakistan Khewra Salt Mine Wikipedia

May 29 It was here that Alexander s horses introduced the world to salt when they were seen licking stones in the Salt Range near present day Khewra The Khewra Salt Mine or Mayo Salt Mine is located in Khewra north of Pind Dadan Khan an and about 730 meters feet into the mountain from the mine entrance The underground mine covers an area of 110 km2 43 sq miles

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